Brighton Trail Riders Association


Michigan Department of Natural Resources

National Parks & Forests

Michigan Horse Trails Directory - find all the horse trails and camping in MI

Michigan Horse Council

Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition-report neglect, abuse or request help/donate to MI’s haybank

Pigeon River & Beyond - Back Country Horsemen, Michigan

Michigan State University Veterinary Hospital

Mobile Confidence Course

Michigan Trail Riders Association-ride Michigan’s Shore to Shore trail

Great Lakes Distance Riding Association-competitive trail, limited distance and endurance riding

Michigan Competitive Mounted Orienteering

Brighton Recreation Riding Stable

Brighton Recreation Equestrian Camping

Epidemiology and Animal Health Centers - check travel registrations

My Horse University

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Trail Associations:

Addison Oaks Equestrian Trail

Allegan County Pleasure Riders

Alpena County Horseman’s Club

Cummings Center

Cummings Center Trails Facebook

Elba Equestrian Complex

Elba Equestrian Complex Facebook

Fort Custer Horse Friends Association

Highland Trail Riders Association

Ionia Horse Trails Association

Kensington Trail Riders

Maybury Trail Riders Association

Ortonville Recreation Equestrian Association

Pinckney Trail Riders Association

Pontiac Lake Horseman’s Association

Proud Lake Trail Riders

Rose Oaks Equine Adventurers

Sleepy Hollow Trail Riders Association

Waterloo Horsemen’s Association

Wolcott Mill Trail Association

Yankee Springs Trail Riders Association